Diva’s Line is a kennel dedicated to breed the most wonderful breed called braun dwarf poodels. We try to unite the most valuable lines of champions from all arround the world.
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Welcome to our website, DIVA’S  LINE !
We are a little kennel that was created only 2 years ago, but we've been raising poodles for a well 7 years. Why poodle, you might ask? I've always admired their elegance, their intelligence, their gracious way of walking, the great soul lying hidden in a small body. Very suitable for kids, the poodles are joyous,  but kind dogs. How can you not love them? All breeds may be beautiful and unique, but it's the poodle I really love!
Our first poodle was Andorra, or Cleo, a white dwarf poodle female. I am forever grateful that she taught us to love poodles. Cleo fascinates with her white as snow hair and her grace. I considered she was an example to be shown to the world! That's how I got into the dog shows.
The dog-lover lifestyle began to grow on me, so I went along this way. I have discovered not only the hidden secrets of raising a poodle, but also how to turn a regular poodle into a true show-dog! Cleo is now seven years old and every day spent with her is a blast!

Then, came Asia, or Taz, a black dwarf poodle female. She is very energetic and curious, probably the reason why we fell in love with her! Her little devil personality determined us to call her Taz, after the  Tasmanian Devil.

Although she would have been perfect for the dog shows, it never got to happen, thanks to an unfortunate accident. She had undergone a painful surgery, leaving her with an imperfection at her foot. Still, she is perfect for us! Her generosity and love are too big to fit in such a small body! She is very altruistic and she lives happily with the rest of the family, teaching us that we can also love beyond imperfections.

Might have Cleo been my first entrance into the dog shows world,  the real challenge has been proven to be Suri,  or Sketch's Gemma Pretiosa, a brown dwarf poodle female,  who was brought all the way from Russia! Her mother kennel, SKETCH'S KENNEL, is known for raising brown and black poodles, suitable for dog shows. Suri was the poodle I have always dreamed of.

Thank you, Katya !

Why the brown poodle? I'm not sure, to be honest, but it was a rare colour in our country!

I have seen some of them at some dog shows I have taken part at, and they simply fascinated me with their originality, grace and self-confidence. I considered they were more suitable to my temper, seeing that I'm a lively person. The brown poodles are very intelligent and sporty, they love following you around, they love playing and more! Suri has proven to be a real gem, because she managed to get the highest titles possible in the country and also abroad!

I have to say, it was Suri who determined me to set up this kennel, DIVA’S  LINE, its goal being to raise top quality brown poodles, healthy and with tests to prove their health.

My dogs have truly become members of the family;  without them, it wouldn't feel like home!

Our puppies are special, and you know why? They've been raised in a lovely home by us and our children, who have shown great love and devotion towards them. All the puppies are registered at the RKC (Romanian Kennel Club), owning pedigree from Roumanian Origine Certificate and a European passport.

I don't give the puppies away to anyone. I carefully select the owners, because the puppies deserve to grow up in the best conditions. Furthermore, I keep touch with the owners, to check on their evolution and to give them advice on how to raise the puppies.

Obviously, we don't have puppies available throughout the whole year, because our aim is to have quality poodles. For a puppy to become a healthy adult, it takes a lot of attention and love, from the moment he's born. Therefore, we wish for every puppy that leaves our kennel a new home, where it will be loved and appreciated, just as we did.

The brown poodles are the perfect buddies; they're good-looking, lively, happy, intelligent and the perfect pet to share a lot of beautiful moments with!

If the images have caught your eye and you would be interested in purchasing a dog from our kennel, do not hesitate on contacting us! You won't regret it! 





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Carmina Maresi
Mobile: 0040 740 150 590

11 Dec 2010 12:29:18 PM
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